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Sytel lives day by day at the coalface of contact center software design.

We take on the hard tasks that many other companies balk at. We invent from the ground up, working to bring you the best call center software solutions to the toughest challenges, resulting in world-class, best-of-breed call center software.

With this blog, we aim to educate, illuminate and also challenge the call center industry. Expect us to talk about call center technology, but technology is just a means to an end. What matters ultimately is the quality of the service that technology can provide for customers. So expect the blog to be wide-ranging. And expect us to shed new light on received call center industry wisdom.

You may not agree with everything we say. Great! Informed debate lies at the heart of innovation. So feel free to give us your feedback and if you argue your case well, we may post your ideas on the blog.


Keeping it simple again

April, 2016

Maintaining effectiveness of both queues for individual agents and the overall campaign brings challenges.

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Keeping things simple

March, 2016

Managing campaigns and setting up work queues; contact centers need to be mindful of the personal touch.

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WebRTC can bring joy to the agent

February, 2016

WebRTC opens up options further for contact centers to employ the right agents who may be more nomadic.

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WebRTC can bring joy to the organisation

January, 2016

With WebRTC the agent can have detailed information about the customer's call before before a single word is spoken.

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WebRTC can bring joy to the customer

December, 2015

Clicking a WebRTC link can quickly connect customers to agents who already know specifics about the call.

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What does Software Development have in common with the All Blacks?

November, 2015

Winning in business is a tough game; we've drawn some parallels between the lessons applied by the All Blacks and those required to be successful in business.

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Hosted architecture

October, 2015

Hosted architecture options for contact centers appear to be currently divided between either multi-instance or multi-tenant. But things are changing.

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Data scaling

September, 2015

Data scaling has its issues for large-scale contact center hosting.

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As carriers move away from ISDN to SIP

August, 2015

Carriers are starting to move away from ISDN in favor of SIP.

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Smartphones taking over as contact device of choice

July, 2015

Make sure your customers can do what they want using their smartphones.

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We chose fish

June, 2015

Sytel takes more of a hands-on approach to corporate responsibility.

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Impact of self service on the contact center

May, 2015

Times have changed; the majority of customers try to self serve their own solutions before ringing in to a contact center.

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Challenging agents

April, 2015

Use technology to enable agents to become more effective and build their own portfolio of customers.

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Permission-based marketing

March, 2015

Ensure your customers continue their permission for you to market them.

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"Where do you want to go today?" We thank you Microsoft for that gem.

February, 2015

The Microsoft slogan still resonates today, but now there are added complications.

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Joined-up vs silos

January, 2015

Some silos exist for valid reasons but others are costly and cause both customer and agent frustration.

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Agent management - single skill or multi skill? The ongoing debate

December, 2014

We all know that agent turnover is high in call centers. Is multi media providing a solution to this problem?

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Making SIP your standard

November, 2014

So SIP is now mainstream. What of the claims about increased flexibility and lower costs? Well, in many cases it has been a no-brainer, but not for everyone.

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Mobile apps and contact centers

October, 2014

Mobile apps are commonplace these days. But for businesses offering a mobile app, how joined up is it with their contact center, and does it need to be?

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Speed vs. quality - keeping your balance

September, 2014

A successful contact center sets and maintains an appropriate balance of speed and quality objectives, appropriate to their business goals. But keeping a proper balance is not easy. This blog looks at how balance is set.

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