Sytel's Softdial Scripter™ provides easy-to-use tools for the fast creation of both logic flows and agent screens. Whether for inbound or outbound campaigns, for live agents or IVR, the highly intuitive visual design tools simplify the creation of even the most complex scripts.

Scripter also offers a simple yet powerful application development environment with which non-programmers can quickly provide unified front-end access to back-end processes, whether from Sytel or a 3rd party.

And if you are concerned about getting maximum value from your existing investment, Scripter was designed from the ground up to be flexible in order to accommodate integration with existing operations.

Using 3rd party components within Scripter

Scripts may require either the integration of existing components or the development of new components using the user's familiar tools. Either way, the Scripter environment allows quick and easy integration.

Custom logic steps

If you have written any specialised functionality (e.g. database access, credit card payment, calendar integration, etc), you can use these steps directly within Scripter without the need for any re-coding. Logic steps written in any .NET language can be easily imported into the Scripter framework and are then available via drag-and-drop to any script. Logic steps written in other languages (e.g. Java) can also be used via a web services API. As Scripter does not need to understand the internal structure of 3rd party code, integration is quick and easy.



Fig. 1 - ‘Drag and Drop’ of a custom step in the script designer

Fig. 1 - ‘Drag and Drop’ of a custom step in the script designer

Custom on-screen controls

Custom controls can be imported easily to provide specific UI behaviour. It is also possible to wrap up custom control UI into libraries for re-use.

High-volume, high-availability

The Scripter run engine is designed for efficient and fail-safe operation. This enables Sytel customers to run large-scale contact center operations with a relatively small resource footprint. Scripter lends itself naturally to cloud-based hosted service provision.


Fig. 2 - ‘Drag and Drop’ of a custom grid control in the screen designer

Fig. 2 - ‘Drag and Drop’ of a custom grid control in the screen designer

Using Scripter within legacy environments

Sytel's easy-to-use Scripter functionality is now available within legacy environments, reducing both the need for specialist in-house IT script writing skills and the time required to develop scripts.

Server side

Scripter is available to contact center environments that do not use the Sytel core dialer and telephony services, as a plug-in with a standard HTTP interface. (See in Fig. 3)

Client side

Screens designed using Scripter can be delivered in two ways:

  1. to a standalone Internet Explorer® browser. (See 2)

  2. to an Internet Explorer® browser embedded within a 3rd party application. (See 3)

Web delivery makes Scripter ideal for even the largest cloud-based deployments, serving hundreds of agents per tenant.

Fig. 3 - Scripter in legacy environments

Fig. 3 - Scripter in legacy environments

Softdial Scripter™ Forum

A space online for Scripter users to ask, discuss, share ideas and help each other.

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Scripter Features

  • Efficient, powerful script generation 
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party apps 
  • No programming knowledge required 
  • Extensive library of script 'steps' 
  • Create re-usable custom steps 
  • Visual 'drag and drop' step logic design 
  • Single-click access to campaign database 
  • Integrated with MS Expression Blend® 
  • Create inbound or outbound IVR scripts 
  • Mix email, SMS, chat, audio scripting 
  • Dynamic script update feature 
  • Web deployed for hosted applications

More than 50 standard script components are available for:

  • Campaign database queries 
  • IVR functions such as DTMF, TTS and ASR 
  • Call handling including transfers, monitoring, recording 
  • Credit card processing and validation 
  • Email, SMS, IM, Fax session handling 
  • Script flow – decision branch, compare values, pause, resume 
  • Web service integration 
  • XML processing