Predictive Dialing – Staying Profitable and Legal in 2021

The landscape for predictive dialing has changed massively in the last 20 years.

Years ago there was the opportunity for large-scale outreach with simple propositions and relatively responsive customers. In 2021, outbound is characterised by extremely low response rates in all sectors, lots of small targeted lists and tight regulation.

Here are five elements that are key to a profitable outbound predictive dialing operation in this brave new world:

1. Predictive pacing

It is a lot harder for a predictive dialer to keep its balance and not generate lots of nuisance calls at extremes; low connect rates, small agent pools, unresponsive customers. Sytel’s predictive pacing engine has a track record that is second to none on maintaining outbound performance at these extremes, while keeping its balance and keeping the regulators happy.

2. Effective inventory management

Having a 360 degree view of the campaign, agent resource availability, and intelligent interpretation of campaign goals is necessary when scheduling dialing inventory. Sytel’s unique approach allows customers to define the rules and then leave well alone. Sytel’s Campaign Manager uses intelligent and adaptive scheduling to deliver the right calls at the right time, while adapting constantly to changing conditions. This ensures best possible performance and frees supervisors from the burden of constantly having to check and adjust strategies.

3. Built-In Compliance

Footprint compliance is built in to the inventory process, meaning scheduling automatically takes account of all facets of the compliance regime. Sytel’s footprint compliance mechanism is a rules engine coupled to Sytel’s ‘big data’ history service which allows customers to model all possible compliance rules. It also enables cross-campaign inventory rules to be set to avoid bombarding customers who are targets of multiple outbound campaigns.

4. Understanding contact value

Transcripts of conversations, call/chat history and line-of-business data all feed in to a better understanding of the value of and opportunities with each customer contact. Sytel provides out-of-the box delivery of historical data in real-time to allow value decisions to be made, either as part of the inventory process or as a natural adjunct to call processing.

5. Integration with 3rd party services

Sytel’s comprehensive API set makes it easy to make use of 3rd party best-of-breed or preferred services and solutions, such as Speech to Text, speech recognition or agent pairing decision-making.

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What We Offer

Sytel Limited develops and supplies Softdial Contact Center® (SCC), offering multimedia, multichannel, fully blended cloud contact center solutions, for quick and easy deployment by partners offering CCaaS or enterprise users. All Sytel cloud components are secure, resilient and scale seamlessly from 10 agents to 10,000+, whether local, mobile or remote.

  • Flexible Contact Center Platform

    Softdial Contact Center™ - tightly integrated modules, designed to deliver at scale

  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

    Partners can run a functionally rich and flexible contact center stack in the cloud

  • Blended Media Desktop

    Fully customisable, multi-channel, multi-session workspace

  • Work Anywhere

    Browser-based tools, no software installation required

  • Cloud Or On-Premise, Multi-Tenant

    Scalable, resilient, secure, proven

  • Customise, Localise, White Label

    Design all user interfaces to individual requirements

  • Integration Via APIs

    'Swap out' components and integrate with 3rd party apps

  • World Class Development

    Continuous evolution pushing technical boundaries


Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) is designed to be flexible, extensible and scalable, integrating with any legacy equipment, and meeting the most complex of requirements.

  • All Media Types

    Voice, chat, email, social, etc - fully integrated and blended

  • Agent Multi-Tasking

    Work with multiple live contact sessions of any media type
  • Dynamic Workforce Management

    Automated, ‘best available’ decisions to manage agents & balance work load, across all media types

  • Predictive Dialing

    Best-of-breed performance under compliance

  • Optimised Inbound Routing

    Smart rules and 'best-available' decisions to drive great customer service

  • Agent Scripts

    Help agents achieve and maintain excellence

  • Voice and Screen Recording

    See and hear exactly how agents are interacting

  • Analytics and Data Feeds

    Measure and evaluate performance at every level

  • IVR, Bots & Conversational AI

    Design effective automated flows or integrate with 3rd party providers

  • Customer Journey Tracking

    Stored customer contact history, to aid routing and add context to conversations


A complete suite of tools, with unique flexibility to extend and swap out modules to deliver a tailored contact center solution for any environment
  • Softdial One™

    Highly flexible unified web UI for agents, supervisors and administrators
  • Softdial Scripter™

    Create complex process flow scripts for agents, IVR, chatbots and other applications

  • Sytel AI Dialer™

    Best-of-breed predictive dialer; maximum performance under any compliance rules

  • Softdial Pathfinder™

    Precise routing rules for 'best available' connection
  • Softdial Media Server™

    Core telephony functions to manage all inbound/ outbound SIP calls

  • Softdial Reporter™ 5

    Fully customisable performance stats, charts and reports, across all channels

  • Softdial Publisher™

    Comprehensive data output to build your own reports

  • Softdial Recording Monitor™

    Audio and screen recording of agent activity to ensure the highest standards
  • Softdial Campaign Manager™

    Automation to optimise any outreach strategy
  • Softdial Repository™

    Central storage and configuration of common resources
  • Sytel Global Compliance™

    Flexible 'no contact' rules to protect contact center and consumer


Performance and efficiency for a wide range of business applications

  • Customer Service

    Connect quickly to well equipped agents

  • Sales & Telemarketing

    Maximise agent productivity with best-of-breed predictive dialing

  • Healthcare

    Secure, highly-configurable multichannel communications for excellence in patient care

  • Market Research

    Best-of-breed predictive dialing with CATI integration

  • Collections

    Automated inbound/ outbound blending integrated with any debt management app