PCM (Poland) – Full-Service Contact Center Deployment

Industry: Outsourcing
PCM is one of the largest direct marketing and communications companies in Poland, specialising in outsourced customer acquisition and retention for high-profile clients throughout the EU, such as DHL Express, Hewlett-Packard, Orange and Reader’s Digest.

About PCM

PCM is one of the largest direct marketing and communications companies in Poland, specializing in outsourced customer acquisition and retention for high-profile clients throughout the EU, such as DHL Express, Hewlett-Packard, Orange and Reader’s Digest.

Poland, according to recent surveys, is the fastest growing contact center market in Europe, resulting in part from growing international awareness of Poland as an outsourcing destination.

In 2007-08, PCM approached 12 companies, including Sytel, with the aim of sourcing integrated desktop and telephony services to modernize and upgrade their operation in Warsaw. They had become aware that manual dialing was no longer viable in today’s climate, and that a richer feature set would enable them to far better serve their clients, make better use of their agents’ time and streamline the entire operation.

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The requirements

PCM presented Sytel with an extensive list of requirements, including predictive dialing, IVR, agent scripting, reporting and call recording. The Sytel system had to provide:

  • Call blending
    As a multi service contact center, PCM needed to be able to pull agents off predictive or progressive outbound campaigns in response to inbound spikes.
  • Inbound IVR
    To make best use of their agents’ time, full function IVR was required to acquire account details, perform database lookup and provide screen pops for the agent
  • Agent scripting
    Agent scripting, as well as providing tools for building and delivering web-based scripts, had to provide:


    • support for HTML email, SMS, instant messaging and chat
    • support for custom dictionaries to provide language- and campaign-specific support for their agents
    • support for legacy scripts written in Visual Basic
    • instant script update capability on the fly
    • support for verification of sensitive data, such as personal ID and bank account details
    • a facility for making notes during a call
    • a facility for calling a number back before taking another call
  • Reporting
    Extensive reporting should be web-based, enabling home-working supervisors to monitor agent activity and perform coaching across all PCM sites out of business hours. It should provide both real-time information for agents and supervisors, and historical reports for billing and performance monitoring. In the busy PCM environment, the reporting system should be able to service many simultaneous client requests. At any time, PCM needed to be able to track all interactions with a particular consumer.
  • Call recording
    All calls needed to be recorded, with an easy search mechanism for later retrieval
  • A Polish interface
    In order to provide ease of use for their staff, all screen interfaces had to be in Polish
  • Scalability
    Should be able to quickly and seamlessly handle increases in numbers of agents in response to demand
  • Resilience
    To minimize downtime and lost revenue, the system had to be able to recover within minutes from any network, hardware or software problem.
  • Ease of integration
    A number of legacy integrations had to be performed, including with Microsoft Active Directory and PCM’s existing Avaya PBX.

The trial

Sytel was one of only a handful of systems selected for further consideration. In order to demonstrate the Sytel system’s flexibility and its ability to provide the exhaustive feature set required (and more besides), Sytel delivered an entire system including hardware and software to the PCM site. PCM had full access to Sytel technical support throughout the trial period.

PCM then launched an extensive program of substantial testing, proving and familiarisation.

The result

After considerable deliberation and comparison, PCM selected Sytel to supply telephony and desktop applications for 400 outbound seats. Several factors proved to be decisive:

  • Exceptional outbound performance
    During the first weeks of operation, campaigns were being completed up to 50% faster than expected.
  • Exceptional support
    Sytel’s level of email and phone support at all times gave PCM the confidence and peace of mind to move forward
  • Exceptional flexibility
    Sytel’s ability to meet stringent and diverse criteria made it a close fit and an obvious choice
  • Competitive pricing
    Sytel provided a winning combination of full feature functionality and competitive pricing

Managing Director of PCM, Jan Załęcki commented

“We are delighted with the performance of our new system. It makes far better use of our agents’ time, increasing our effectiveness by 33% on average. And the fast time to project completion, enabled by Sytel’s outstanding support, means we can offer an extensive feature set with unparalleled performance much sooner than we could have expected.”

What We Offer

Sytel Limited develops and supplies Softdial Contact Center® (SCC), offering multimedia, multichannel, fully blended cloud contact center solutions, for quick and easy deployment by partners offering CCaaS or enterprise users. All Sytel cloud components are secure, resilient and scale seamlessly from 10 agents to 10,000+, whether local, mobile or remote.

  • Flexible Contact Center Platform

    Softdial Contact Center™ - tightly integrated modules, designed to deliver at scale

  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

    Partners can run a functionally rich and flexible contact center stack in the cloud

  • Blended Media Desktop

    Fully customisable, multi-channel, multi-session workspace

  • Work Anywhere

    Browser-based tools, no software installation required

  • Cloud Or On-Premise, Multi-Tenant

    Scalable, resilient, secure, proven

  • Customise, Localise, White Label

    Design all user interfaces to individual requirements

  • Integration Via APIs

    'Swap out' components and integrate with 3rd party apps

  • World Class Development

    Continuous evolution pushing technical boundaries


Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) is designed to be flexible, extensible and scalable, integrating with any legacy equipment, and meeting the most complex of requirements.

  • All Media Types

    Voice, chat, email, social, etc - fully integrated and blended

  • Agent Multi-Tasking

    Work with multiple live contact sessions of any media type
  • Dynamic Workforce Management

    Automated, ‘best available’ decisions to manage agents & balance work load, across all media types

  • Predictive Dialing

    Best-of-breed performance under compliance

  • Optimised Inbound Routing

    Smart rules and 'best-available' decisions to drive great customer service

  • Agent Scripts

    Help agents achieve and maintain excellence

  • Voice and Screen Recording

    See and hear exactly how agents are interacting

  • Analytics and Data Feeds

    Measure and evaluate performance at every level

  • IVR, Bots & Conversational AI

    Design effective automated flows or integrate with 3rd party providers

  • Customer Journey Tracking

    Stored customer contact history, to aid routing and add context to conversations


A complete suite of tools, with unique flexibility to extend and swap out modules to deliver a tailored contact center solution for any environment
  • Softdial One™

    Highly flexible unified web UI for agents, supervisors and administrators
  • Softdial Scripter™

    Create complex process flow scripts for agents, IVR, chatbots and other applications

  • Sytel AI Dialer™

    Best-of-breed predictive dialer; maximum performance under any compliance rules

  • Softdial Pathfinder™

    Precise routing rules for 'best available' connection
  • Softdial Media Server™

    Core telephony functions to manage all inbound/ outbound SIP calls

  • Softdial Reporter™ 5

    Fully customisable performance stats, charts and reports, across all channels

  • Softdial Publisher™

    Comprehensive data output to build your own reports

  • Softdial Recording Monitor™

    Audio and screen recording of agent activity to ensure the highest standards
  • Softdial Campaign Manager™

    Automation to optimise any outreach strategy
  • Softdial Repository™

    Central storage and configuration of common resources
  • Sytel Global Compliance™

    Flexible 'no contact' rules to protect contact center and consumer


Performance and efficiency for a wide range of business applications

  • Customer Service

    Connect quickly to well equipped agents

  • Sales & Telemarketing

    Maximise agent productivity with best-of-breed predictive dialing

  • Healthcare

    Secure, highly-configurable multichannel communications for excellence in patient care

  • Market Research

    Best-of-breed predictive dialing with CATI integration

  • Collections

    Automated inbound/ outbound blending integrated with any debt management app