Peixe Urbano (Brazil) – In-Call IVR for PCI Compliant Payments

Industry: Retail
Peixe Urbano uses Softdial Scripter™ to build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to increase productivity of agents and be PCI compliant.

About Peixe Urbano

Peixe Urbano is the largest provider of consumer discount offers in Brazil. With more than 30 million registered users they provide thousands of offers for many industries, including restaurants, entertainment, cosmetics and tourism.

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About Flex

Flex, a Brazilian contact center solutions provider utilizes Sytel’s Softdial Contact Centre™ (SCC) to supply Peixe Urbano with a rich contact center solution. The Flex deployment for Peixe Urbano uses Softdial Scripter™ to build an IVR solution; this involves pre-processing for the first interaction with the customer, capturing the basic customer information and identifying what the customer would like to purchase. The call is then passed to an appropriate agent to deal with the customer’s request.

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The requirements

In order to provide a secure service, Peixe Urbano requires the payment section of the call to be independent from the contact center agent and be handled by the IVR phone system.

When the customer provides their payment card details the call center agent must not be able to hear any of the details, either verbally or via the DTMF tones from digits being entered via the keypad; this is required to conform to rules of PCI compliance, required for payment providers.

Peixe Urbano’s experience with Flex and their knowledge of how Flex delivered projects on time made it an easy choice for Peixe Urbano to select Flex as their service provider, who are able to deliver on their compliance needs.


To develop the IVR software for compliance, Flex used the notion of a 3-party conference. Once the conversation between the agent and the customer reaches the point of payment being made, the customer is connected to the IVR and the agent is placed on hold. The customer then enters their payment card details which are immediately sent to the payment provider. Once the payment is either approved or declined, the IVR application passes the customer back to the same agent they were talking to before. When the customer is being passed back to the agent, the agent will receive a notification as to whether the payment was approved or not.

For customers whose payments are approved, the agent will repeat the order details to the customer as part of the confirmation process. All calls are recorded and this section of the call acts as the contract and the customer needs to verbally agree before the order is submitted. If the payment was not successful, the agent can offer the customer to re-try using a different payment card or they can provide their address in order to be sent an invoice; after this the order is submitted.

The last part of the IVR solution development was to ensure that when customers call in, a lookup of their phone number is done against all customer records, such that if there is a match the customer will receive an update on the status of their recent order.

The result

The handling of payment via an IVR ensured that Peixe Urbano was fully PCI compliant and was able to maintain their image as a trusted company.

Kleber Tobai Bonadia, Innovations Director at Flex commented

“The introduction of the IVR conference room for payments has given Peixe Urbano the stamp of approval for compliance. Utilizing SCC to meet Peixe Urbano’s different needs has enabled them to increase their operations without increasing their agent head count. They also now have full traceability of customer orders and can easily access the information to clarify any disputes.”

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