Briefing for New CCaaS Partners

Briefing for New CCaaS Partners

Building a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution is easy with the Sytel platform.

Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) allows you as a partner to tailor SCC as you wish and provide the service that best suits your customers. You can get started with minimal outlays and be offering services to new customers within days rather than weeks.

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Why Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?

  • Benefits for Partners
    CCaaS has many advantages. Delivering software from a centralized, managed system is more reliable and easier, than having to cope with multiple on-premise installations.
  • Benefits for Customers
    SaaS eliminates big upfront investment in software, hardware and people. And with SCC, your customers can go live in days rather than weeks and months. Yet, there’s no reduction in the richness and flexibility that your customers can derive from SCC.

The Sytel Solution

Uniquely, in the market (see CCaaS Evolution on this page), Sytel provides a feature-rich CCaaS platform that is highly optimised for the cloud. This means:

  • Pure software solution
    There are no hardware components and the whole solution can be installed on virtual machines into a cloud environment such as AWS.
  • Multi-media
    The Sytel solution manages and blends all media types including voice, chat, email, SMS and any other social media or chat-type applications seamlessly
  • Highly flexible integration
    With a comprehensive API set, the solution can easily be integrated with any external systems.
  • Customisable
    The whole solution can be white-labelled and easily accommodates the demands of any particular market or business sector.

And most important of all:

  • Completely separate tenant management
    The solution provides for complete separation of different organisations or ‘tenants’ within a single installation.
    Consider: you have 15 tenants on your hosted service and suddenly, one insists upon a major upgrade to some features, to support a new vertical application they want to market.You can deliver any upgrade without this impacting the other tenants on the system. This means that all tenants can move at their own pace.
    This is a major USP and essential for building up a hosted service and keeping all your customers happy.

How Does a Partner Make Money From SCC?

There are four ways:

  1. Sale/ rental
    Partners can purchase or rent licenses from Sytel at a price point that will allow them to make an attractive margin when they on-sell their hosted service to customers.
  2. Professional services within the Sytel solution
    Sytel’s own products such as Softdial Scripter™ lend themselves to creating highly customised solutions for an individual tenant. Examples of this are:
  3. Professional services integrated with the Sytel solution
    Sytel’s open API and flexible architecture allows a partner to build and add their own custom components. Equally it allows customers to integrate with and offer third party contact center modules.
  4. Third party product
    And there’s huge scope to deliver a range of other products such as CRM, data networking and voice services.


How Do We Get You Started?

We will…

  • show you the live product and develop some initial understanding. We can do this at very short notice. Come prepared to ask questions and learn.
  • discuss typical service deliveries of agents interacting with customers in whatever target market you have in mind
  • show you how easily the product can be deployed
  • discuss what staffing needs you will need for your target market
  • (and most importantly) show you how you can make money with SCC.

We’ve got your attention? So, what comes next?

Down to Business

We will…

1. sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to show that we are serious

2. review our joint business directions to ensure we have a match.

Subject to that, we will…

3. make SCC available in a data center of your choosing, or give access to ours

4. give you two hours of hands-on training, to be sure you can explore it in depth.

Like what you see?

Then in order that you can get real value from the system we will host some of your key people on a technical training course for around five days, almost certainly online. Come prepared to work hard and enjoy

Then you are set to go looking for customers and do Proofs of Concept (POCs)

And let’s not forget that you can also deploy the same SCC as an on-premise solution. It’s the same code base as for cloud. And if you want, you can always transit between the two states – going either way!

Welcome to the Team

We will…

  1. assign you a sales manager and a technical sales specialist whose job is to guide you through the whole process of getting started, with the aim of making you effective as soon as possible
  2. introduce you to our support team. They are there to answer any detailed questions not dealt with by your sales team, especially those ‘how to’ questions that you weren’t quite sure about on the training course, or that are bound to come up as you begin to experience the richness of the product
  3. agree commercial terms with you and get you signed up.

There is a lot of supporting documentation and we will make sure you get what is appropriate to your needs.

And, if you want, we will help you white label our product.

Keeping Startup Costs Down

There are several ways in which we will assist you:

We will…

  • not charge you as much as a penny until you are earning money from your first customer. Training is of course chargeable in due course, but if you choose not to proceed, then there is no charge
  • show you how to install SCC so that, especially if you are in the public cloud, you can keep your footprint to a minimum
  • work closely with you on your first customer engagements, so that you can focus on delivering the core capabilities and get some happy customers quickly.


Keeping Running Costs Down

  • All server functions will be managed by you as a partner and enable you to minimise footprint and keep costs under control
  • The costs of equipping agents can be kept to a minimum. No need for full spec PCs. Thin clients and/or Raspberry Pi are appropriate
  • And for telephony: yes, your customer can retain their existing PBX if it has an IP connector, otherwise softphones cost next to nothing. We prefer WebRTC, because of its all-round capabilities.

You’ve Made Your First Sale. What Next?

SCC is so rich and flexible that you can tackle any part of the market, on any scale. So here’s where we can dig deeper into the product for you and help you determine the right match for whichever market segments you want to tackle.

This is a good point to:

  • reflect back upon your training, that was very comprehensive. Not everything stuck in your mind, and don’t be scared to ask if you are not sure about something.
  • work through the wealth of information on our website – and don’t forget to dip into our blogs. Sure they are marketing but they are primarily written to educate.

OK, now let’s get a bit technical and get you thinking about some of the directions you can go in.

Creating Value for Customers; Keeping Agents Happy

Your customers will want to know how you are going to create value with their customers (let’s call them consumers, so as not to get confused) so that they can have a great CX experience.

All of the functions and tools within SCC are aimed at doing just that. We will come to them in a moment.

But it’s not just about consumers. It’s about agents too.

Call centers are well-known the world over for their high agent turnover, no career path and siloed applications that offer no challenge for the agent. But with the multisession desktop that Sytel provides within Softdial One™, agents are free to use their skills across all media types, and SCC load balances so that they are always kept busy and challenged. This is a great USP; make sure you use it.

Now let’s have a quick look at some of the software modules in SSC and get an idea of their benefits.

Managing Workflow for Customers

All interactions with consumers need to be customised to meet particular needs and that’s where Sytel’s all-purpose workflow tool, Softdial Scripter™, just makes things easy. For example:

No multiple tools and learning experiences; just one tool for everything.

Focus on Inbound

Consumers want two things:

  1. a great service that gives them all the right responses, no matter the media type
  2. empathetic agents who ideally understand their contact history.

The multimedia functions available in the Softdial One™ desktop, integrated with history and other data, allows the agent to respond immediately to a consumer in any way the consumer chooses.

And the sophisticated routing software in SCC – Softdial Pathfinder™ – means that consumers can easily be connected to the agent most suited to dealing with them, especially if there has been prior contact.

Focus on Outbound

Contact center markets have moved more to supporting inbound operations in recent years, but Sytel has world-leading product for outbound service, including:


Third Party Apps

Think of SCC as a hosted platform that provides all the basic engineering to manage multiple tenants, together with a range of key generic applications. There will always be third party apps that your customers will want to add value to their particular version of SCC.

In many cases Sytel will be at hand to provide details of integrations such as:

  • CRMs including Salesforce
  • WFM including Verint Monet
  • raw databases such as Oracle and SQL Server
  • speech products
  • increasingly, a variety of conversational AI products

Sometimes you may want to use the strong API set that Sytel provides, to connect in some other third party product. Sytel may agree to do this work for you, or you may wish to do it yourselves. The good news is that the API set used for integration is the same API set that Sytel itself uses in product development. Well proven; just works.

Reporting and Analytics

SCC includes a very sophisticated reporting tool – Softdial Reporter™ 5 – that provides a range of reports and dashboards but which can also easily be used by customers to create their own reports.

Customers can monitor their own progress online or can schedule printed reports to be sent to them.

Integration of business data is a must and can be done in several ways.

For those companies who just insist on doing their own reporting, then SCC offers historical as well as real time feeds of literally all event data in the system.

SCC keeps histories of all media sessions and we provide both voice and digital analytics.

If you like what you are reading…

To begin your journey to becoming a partner and running a profitable hosted contact center business:

What We Offer

Sytel Limited develops and supplies Softdial Contact Center® (SCC), offering multimedia, multichannel, fully blended cloud contact center solutions, for quick and easy deployment by partners offering CCaaS or enterprise users. All Sytel cloud components are secure, resilient and scale seamlessly from 10 agents to 10,000+, whether local, mobile or remote.

  • Flexible Contact Center Platform

    Softdial Contact Center™ – tightly integrated modules, designed to deliver at scale

  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

    Partners can run a functionally rich and flexible contact center stack in the cloud

  • Blended Media Desktop

    Fully customisable, multi-channel, multi-session workspace

  • Work Anywhere

    Browser-based tools, no software installation required

  • Cloud Or On-Premise, Multi-Tenant

    Scalable, resilient, secure, proven

  • Customise, Localise, White Label

    Design all user interfaces to individual requirements

  • Integration Via APIs

    ‘Swap out’ components and integrate with 3rd party apps

  • World Class Development

    Continuous evolution pushing technical boundaries


Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) is designed to be flexible, extensible and scalable, integrating with any legacy equipment, and meeting the most complex of requirements.

  • All Media Types

    Voice, chat, email, social, etc – fully integrated and blended

  • Agent Multi-Tasking

    Work with multiple live contact sessions of any media type

  • Dynamic Workforce Management

    Automated, ‘best available’ decisions to manage agents & balance work load, across all media types

  • Predictive Dialing

    Best-of-breed performance under compliance

  • Optimised Inbound Routing

    Smart rules and ‘best-available’ decisions to drive great customer service

  • Agent Scripts

    Help agents achieve and maintain excellence

  • Voice and Screen Recording

    See and hear exactly how agents are interacting

  • Analytics and Data Feeds

    Measure and evaluate performance at every level

  • IVR, Bots & Conversational AI

    Design effective automated flows or integrate with 3rd party providers

  • Customer Journey Tracking

    Stored customer contact history, to aid routing and add context to conversations


A complete suite of tools, with unique flexibility to extend and swap out modules to deliver a tailored contact center solution for any environment

  • Softdial One™

    Highly flexible unified web UI for agents, supervisors and administrators

  • Softdial Scripter™

    Create complex process flow scripts for agents, IVR, chatbots and other applications

  • Sytel AI Dialer™

    Best-of-breed predictive dialer; maximum performance under any compliance rules

  • Softdial Pathfinder™

    Precise routing rules for ‘best available’ connection

  • Softdial Media Server™

    Core telephony functions to manage all inbound/ outbound SIP calls

  • Softdial Reporter™ 5

    Fully customisable performance stats, charts and reports, across all channels

  • Softdial Publisher™

    Comprehensive data output to build your own reports

  • Softdial Recording Monitor™

    Audio and screen recording of agent activity to ensure the highest standards

  • Softdial Campaign Manager™

    Comprehensive configuration and control for outbound campaigns

  • Softdial Repository™

    Central storage and configuration of common resources

  • Sytel Global Compliance™

    Flexible ‘no contact’ rules to protect contact center and consumer


Performance and efficiency for a wide range of business applications

  • Customer Service

    Connect quickly to well equipped agents

  • Sales & Telemarketing

    Maximise agent productivity with best-of-breed predictive dialing

  • Healthcare

    Secure, highly-configurable multichannel communications for excellence in patient care

  • Market Research

    Best-of-breed predictive dialing with CATI integration

  • Collections

    Automated inbound/ outbound blending integrated with any debt management app